Women With Standards is a duo of musicians and artists who love the American Songbook and the Contemporary Cabaret Songbook, as well as create a few originals of their own here and there. Coming together as musicians and friends, their joy in creating music together is obvious to all who hear them. 

And coming together they did - Chick Morgan from the east coast where she sang in the cabaret clubs of New York for many years, Nancy Williams a lifelong Texan and pianist. Together, they bring a style of class and sass, but most of all casual elegance as they invite their audience to sip champagne, put on their finery, and sit back and enjoy music that is timeless. Women With Standards also invites special guest musicians to join them from time to time to help showcase their beautiful music.

They have gained a loyal following and their concerts always sell out quickly! Please add your name to the mailing list so you don't miss a single thing these interesting, talented, and always surprising women are up to!